Abstract Water Photography and Nature Photography of C Ribet

Abstract Water Photography of C Ribet


Abstract Water Photography | Dewscapes and Mizzlescapes - Abstract Macro Landscapes
For what seems like a long time now, I have been trying to come up with an appropriate name for these classes of images that is a hybrid that crosses between the actual tangible subject matter and the abstract photographic images that result from capturing these miniature abstract landscapes of water and Nature. …

Abstract Nature Photography of C Ribet

C Ribet Abstract Nature Photography and Abstract Water Photography


Water Orbs
Originally, when they were more simplistic and less abstract, I simply referred to them as water orb images or images of water. In those earlier images it was always quite clear what the subject matter was (rain, dew, mizzle, mist and the like on plants and other things I encountered out in the 'duff' while hunting mushrooms). …

Abstract Color Photography of C Ribet

Abstract Color Photography 27

Then, as I worked more to explore this genre, the images became more abstracted from the more obvious state of dewdrops on foliage. The fact that they were water became less and less obvoius. More and more people were asking me if they were actually paintings rather than photographs. Many could not discern the subject matter that resulted in the photograph. However, the fundamental aspect or the orb and arc of water, dew and rain drops still in my mind at least domninated the images. …

C Ribet Fungi Art Photos

The mushroom kingdom is very diverse, and the wild mushroom pictures you see at this site only represent a very few of the various kinds of wild mushrooms and fungi which I photograph for the raw material from which to create the final mushroom art prints for the wild mushroom art gallery. Most of the fungus and mushroom pictures you see here (click the Back or Next arrows to navigate through the on-line slide show of mushroom pictures and fungi art photographs) are of wild mushrooms from the Santa Cruz mountains in Northern California. …

Fungi Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet

If you crack open any decent mycology or fungus field guide, you will find many wild mushroom pictures and many drawings, prints, and photographs of all kinds of fungi, and their fungi kingdom habitat. Many of these are beautiful prints or wild mushroom photos, and all of them should at a minimum give you a better understanding of the fungi they depict. These mushroom photos fulfill their purpose and often provide more, but do they bring forth an emotional response in you? Do you lose yourself in them emotionally? …

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